Disruptions for the Emerging Social Enterprise

I recently spoke with a group of IT decision makers from several mid-sized companies.  Through this group, I came to realize how pervasive the changes social media are having on the roles and responsibilities within companies.

Where online communication may have been the domain of the marketing group last year, this year these IT executives are now responsible for not only developing the internal policy for how employees can use the social Web, they are also responsible for mapping the company’s approach to social media.

In fact, when I think about how my job has changed in just the past couple of years, I see a shift in responsibilities that I couldn’t have imagined just two years ago when I was responsible for traditional PR and blogger programs.

And, as my colleague Blair Klein who was presenting with me said, the lines between internal social media policy and external strategy are blurring to the point that they will soon be indistinguishable.

I’ve included the deck here that we walked through along with the results of the poll that we did with the group to see what their level of engagement in social media is today.  I hope to do a follow-up poll ahead of the next conference to see if their social media habits have changed.

Until then, hit me in the comments or on Twitter at @bradmays.

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