Speed Kills – The Deminishing Returns of the Overworked

I read the piece in the Sunday NYT about how bloggers work around the clock to be first to post on a new technology or to get an advanced look at the latest cell phone.  I can attest to the long hours because I see it first-hand in my PR role.

One thing’s for sure – the current pace cannot be sustained.  Whether it’s adding writers or gaining some sanity in the balance between breaking news and deeper dives on specific topics, a change is already underway.

Lack of talent would seem to be one area that the blogosphere should be immune to.  The fact is, it’s difficult to find talent with the specific set of skills required to keep pace and make money in the 48/7 world of blogging.

At the top of the list from both audience and speed are the gadget blogs – Gizmodo, Engadget, CrunchGear and others.  They compete fiercely for the latest content – handsets, software launches, new console games, whatever content their readers are interested in.  And, seconds matter.

There is another category of tech blogs that I think better represent where the industry is going.  Ars Technica is one of the best examples of this format – with longer form posts that explore the issues around the news.  They compete on depth of content over speed.

The gadget blog will still be relevant, and they have done a good mixing in interesting posts among the breaking news.  But even gadget blogs like Gizmodo are looking at longer-format posts.

So, for the time being, the blogosphere will handle and run like a sports car, but the future will be found in the ample legroom and comfort of the sedan.


One thought on “Speed Kills – The Deminishing Returns of the Overworked

  1. Interesting… though sometimes it’s even harder to find the talent with all the noise out there these days, leading to even more work finding what’s real and what’s not.

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